Nalycorp is a Swiss company offering a range of computers for home and business, IT and support.

Designed in Switzerland, Nalycorp computers combine power and toughness with a modern design. Parts have been carefully selected and are mostly recyclable.
The clean lines of the case and its quiet side make Nalycorp computers beautiful objects incorporating perfectly with current interior.
Whatever your purpose, you will find in the range of Nalycorp computers the product meets your needs by customizing your machine.


Nalycorp product assortement have many advantages


An innovative cooling system allow desktop pc to be under 30dB.


Using solid anodized machined metal, our computer cases are built to last.

Small form factor

Occupies minimal space on your desk or in your living room.


Unlike most small computers, the Nalycorp SlimPC and SlimWS do not use mobile processors to provide the best possible performance.


The cases we develop are made to accept a maximum standard component in order to be permanently repairable and updatable

Swiss touch

Computers are designed and assembled in Switzerland

The Endorsements


Spécialiste des fruits et légumes proposant une large gamme de produits frais et de saisons.

Tradition SA

Acteur de référence sur les marchés financiers suisses et internationaux.

Etat de Vaud

Administration cantonale à Lausanne et Renens.